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Freedom Writers

I saw Freedom Writers on the plane bound for Tokyo. I didn’t recall this movie –The title didn’t leave me enough impact. As the movie started,
I found out that it had been released this year and that Hilary Swank
had starred in it.

Swank played a new high school teacher who teaches the kids labeled as “social failure” (mostly Hispanic or Black, poor, from dysfunctional
family, rejected, hurt, insecure, rebellious, etc.). I was struck by this
young teacher for her determination. She carried a strong sense of mission to serve these kids at-risk. She showed them how they could break their old pre-conceptual beliefs and habits to live a satisfying life.
As a class project, she introduced the kids the Diary of Anne Frank and gave them an assignment of keeping journals about their daily lives.
The intended objective for the kids was how they could apply the
lessons learned in the history to each of their situations. She made
the kids to be the Freedom Writers of their journals.

This is the human relationship that starts with love and care for others. Mutual trust cannot be attained overnight, but this movie shows that it surely is built if you continue to make an effort with sincerity. I thought that it was truly a provocative and touching movie.

Hilary Swank isn’t necessarily placed as one of the top actresses, but
I feel she carries a unique quality that makes her stand out when she
performs diverse yet challenging roles. She was absolutely impressive
when she took on the character of a boy experiencing a self-discovery
in the Boys Don’t Cry by Kimberly Peirce and the role as a female boxer
in the Million Dollar Baby by Clint Eastwood.






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A Sunny Afternoon in Half Moon Bay


The weather was very nice. I decided to go to the beach in Half Moon
Bay this afternoon. From where I live, it is about a 30-minute drive.
The drive on Highway 92 West that goes through mountains is also a
fun part of the short trip on a sunny day. When I reached Highway 1
from the 92 West, I was relieved to see the beach spreading close-by
on my left-hand side. It was a perfect day to come to the beach: the
sky was blue without a cloud and the ocean was blue and shiny,
reflecting the gentle sunlight. I spent some time at the Miramar Beach,
walking slowly, breathing deeply, and listening to and watching the way
the waves repeatedly move. This was an incredible treat to my soul.

On my way back home, I stopped by the downtown area in Half Moon
Bay. It’s very small – there is only one main street where various
restaurants, cafes, and shops are located. I walked around a little bit
and I sat down at a table outside of a café with a coffee and a pastry.
I enjoyed watching the people walk by and the charming scenes on
the street. It was a great idea to visit the ocean on a sunny day.
I had a wonderful afternoon at the beach in Half Moon Bay.




昨日は良いお天気に恵まれたので、午後の時間をビーチで過ごそうとHalf Moon Bay(ハーフムーンベイ)に出かけてみました。私の住んでいるところからは、車で大体30分ぐらいでしょうか。ハイウェイ92 Westに乗って、山の中を海に向かって降りていくのですが、こんな風にお天気が良いと、この目的地へ着くまでのドライブもなかなか楽しいものです。92 Westを下ってハイウェイ1へ入った途端に、自分の間近の左側に一面に広がるビーチが見えてきました。この海のある景色を目の前にするなり、ほっとした安堵感を覚えました。それにしても空は雲一つない青さで、海もまた降り注ぐ優しい太陽の光を水面に反射して、どこまでも青くきらきらと輝いて、正に絶好のビーチ日和。Miramar Beach(ミラマービーチ)に車を駐車し、しばしの間、この海辺をゆっくりと歩いたり、寄せては返す波の様や音に眺めいったり耳を澄ませたり、深呼吸をしたりして、午後の時間を十分に満喫しました。魂への素敵なトリートメントとなりました。



Un beau après-midi à Half Moon Bay


Il faisait très beau. J’ai decidé d’aller au bord de la mer à Half Moon
Bay cet après-midi. Cela prend environ 30 minutes en voiture de chez
moi. C’est amusant à conduir sur la route 92-Ouest qui traverse les
montagnes quand il fait du soleil. Dès que je suis venue à la route
1 de la route 92-Ouest, j’étais soulagé par la vue de l’ocean près
de moi sur mon gauche. Aujourd’hui, c’était perfait pour visiter la
plage: Le ciel bleu sans nuage et la mer blue et brillante en reflétant
le gentil soleil. J’ai passé du temps à la plage Miramar. Je me suis
promenée lentement, j’ai respiré profondément, et j’ai écouté et
regardé les vagues qui étaient actives. C’était une joie incroyable
pour mon âme.

Avant de rentrer chez moi, j’ai visité le centre de la ville d’Half Moon
Bay. Cette ville est très petite – il y a seulement une rue principale où
des differents restaurants, cafés, et magasins se trouvent.
Après m’être promenée un peu, je me suis assise à une table en
dehors du café pour un café et une tarte. J’ai aimé voir les gens qui
se promenaient et la scène charmante dans la rue. J’ai eu une très
bonne idée de visiter la mer quand il faisait du soleil. C’était un
après-midi vraiment magnifique que j’ai passé à la plage à Half Moon
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Roses in My Condominium


I arranged a bouquet of roses in a vase in my condominium. I like all
flowers and especially the roses. There is something special about
this flower. I see beauty in its form and fragrance and this subtle
presence makes my heart beat with joy. Once the roses are cut, they
only last for several days. Each morning while they are alive, I change water, cut off the stems a little to help them absorb more water, and
rearrange them in the vase as if these steps were some kind of ritual.
I do this for I could come into contact with the essence of the roses
that exist fully for this moment.






Les roses dans mon appartement

J’ai arrangé un bouquet de roses dans un vase. J’aime toutes les
fleurs, surtout la rose. Il y a quelque chose qui est très specialel de
la rose. Je vois la beauté dans sa forme et son parfum. Cette subtil
présence me rend heureux. Après des roses sont coupé, elles durent
pendant quelques jours. Je donc change de l’eau, coupe les bords de
tiges pour les aider à absorber l’eau, et les rearrangé dans le vase
comme si ces actions signifaient un sort de rituel. Je les faisl parce
que je pourrais contcter l’essence de la rose qui vive complètement
pour ce moment.
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