Freedom Writers

I saw Freedom Writers on the plane bound for Tokyo. I didn’t recall this movie –The title didn’t leave me enough impact. As the movie started,
I found out that it had been released this year and that Hilary Swank
had starred in it.

Swank played a new high school teacher who teaches the kids labeled as “social failure” (mostly Hispanic or Black, poor, from dysfunctional
family, rejected, hurt, insecure, rebellious, etc.). I was struck by this
young teacher for her determination. She carried a strong sense of mission to serve these kids at-risk. She showed them how they could break their old pre-conceptual beliefs and habits to live a satisfying life.
As a class project, she introduced the kids the Diary of Anne Frank and gave them an assignment of keeping journals about their daily lives.
The intended objective for the kids was how they could apply the
lessons learned in the history to each of their situations. She made
the kids to be the Freedom Writers of their journals.

This is the human relationship that starts with love and care for others. Mutual trust cannot be attained overnight, but this movie shows that it surely is built if you continue to make an effort with sincerity. I thought that it was truly a provocative and touching movie.

Hilary Swank isn’t necessarily placed as one of the top actresses, but
I feel she carries a unique quality that makes her stand out when she
performs diverse yet challenging roles. She was absolutely impressive
when she took on the character of a boy experiencing a self-discovery
in the Boys Don’t Cry by Kimberly Peirce and the role as a female boxer
in the Million Dollar Baby by Clint Eastwood.






by yoshie_YW | 2007-05-28 15:52 | 日記・エッセイ
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